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Serguei A. Gorbenko 

(Biographical data)

Serguei Alexandrovich Gorbenko  was born on April 15, 1965 in the town Vysokiy   (Kharkov region). 1982-1988 - studies  at the Medical Faculty of Poltava Medical Stomatological Institute. Best graduate of 1988. 

1988-1989 served the conscription military service. After returning from army he took an internship in 1989-1990 in pediatric surgery and traumatic surgery based on Children's City Clinical Hospital of Poltava.

1991-1998 he is a teacher of the Poltava Medical Stomatological Institute (later the UMSA - Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy).

In 1992 he  study course by the  of anthropological facial skull reconstruction the method of M.M.Gerasimov at the Laboratory of Anthropological facial skull reconstruction of Institute of  Ethnography and Anthropology of Russian Academy of Science (RAS) named after N.N. Miklukho-Maklay (Moscow) under the direction of the head of Laboratory PhD (Biological Science) G.V.Lebedinskaya. In 1994 there was an academic trip to Göttingen where he familiarized himself with the work of the Institute and Museum of Anthropology under the Georg–August Göttingen University.

1991 to 1997 - studies on to the History Faculty at the Lviv National University named after Ivan Franko: speciality World History. In 1997  he graduated   education . He qualified to teach speciality World History.

In 1994-1996 entered the postgraduate study of UMSA. The first specialty: "normal physiology" (14.03.03), the second - "normal anatomy" (14.03.01).

In 1996 he defended his thesis for a PhD (Medical Science) based on the monograph "Jaroslav Osmomysl - anthropological and historical reconstruction" at the Kharkov State Medical University on specialty "normal anatomy" (14.03.01). In 1997 he received the degree of PhD (Medical Science).

After defending his thesis he was holding a post of an teach of the department of Operative surgery and topographic anatomy of the UMSA. In this department under the guidance of UMSA it was scheduled to open the Laboratory of facial skull reconstruction until 1998 in Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy.

Since this Laboratory has not been certified, in 1998 in Poltava (UMSA) he moved to Lviv, where it was offered to open the Laboratory of  facial skull reconstruction under Lviv Museum of History of Religion.

He worked as the head of Historical and anthropological department of this museum.

From 1999 on the initiative of Director of Lviv Museum of History of Religion V.V. Gayuk there was another attempt to open as a branch of the Museum the Institute and Museum of anthropological reconstruction in Ukraine. S.A.Gorbenko was appointed the Director of the branch. This decision was agreed with the leaders of the largest Lviv museums and the Department of Culture of the State Regional Administration of Lviv region - (the head R.M.Lubkivskiy), who had to certify the new institution as a subsidiary of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine. Since 2000, after having established the contacts with the cultural, historical and anthropological institutions of France it was planned to organize a bilateral scientific program and cooperation between the Lviv Institute of Anthropology under Lviv Museum of History of Religion (LMHR) and the French scientific and cultural institutions. (Laboratoire d'Anthropologie Anatomique et de Paléopathologie (Lyon) (http://anthropologie-et-paleopathologie.univ-lyon1.fr 20d'accueil.htm); Musée de l’Homme  (Paris) ; Centre d’Etudes Médiévales  de Champagne-Ardenne.

In 2000-2003 he was in the academic trip from the Institute and Museum of Anthropology under Lviv Museum of History of Religion in France, where was implemented the part of the author's program of S.A.Gorbenko "Portrait Gallery of the Knights of the Middle Ages": commissioned by the city halls of Saint-Julien-les-Villas, Troyes (Champagne-Ardenne) and Clery Saint Andre (Loiret), he carried out the portraits-reconstruction on the skull of historical persons of the French medieval era: St. Bernard de Clairvaux and the French king Louis XI. This work (over the identification of the burials in the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Cléry and reconstruction of the face of Louis XI) continues today, now in Ukraine.

Neither Laboratory of  anthropological facial skull reconstruction in Poltava, nor the Institute and Museum of anthropological facial skull reconstruction  Lviv has been certified at the state level in Ukraine. Attempts of S.A.Gorbenko to appeal to the supreme state authorities in Ukraine in 2004-2006 in order to obtain the state status of the Laboratory of anthropological reconstruction in Ukraine gave no positive result.

From 2003 to the present S.A.Gorbenko continues to work on registration of the results of historical and anthropological research in the Clery Saint Andre in the status of a private individual that does not belong to official scientific institutions of Ukraine. During this period based on casts of skulls of historical people from Clery he performed three plastic reconstructions. On the topic of this research he has written 7 articles, 4 monographs. From them six articles were published: - three in France and three in Ukraine.

Projects – Programs of scientific researches of the Laboratory of Plastic Reconstruction in Ukraine, which have been proposed to S.A.Gorbenko during his attempts to get the state certification of the Laboratory or of the Institute of Anthropological Reconstruction in Ukraine:

1) "The ancient people of Eastern Europe" – based on portraits-reconstructions of people of different archaeological cultures who lived on the territory of Ukraine and Eastern Europe in different historical epochs. (1994-1996);

2) "Ruriks – Arpadids – Piasts" - historical and anthropological studies and craniological studies based on osteal remains and artistic portraits and other images (available to archaeologists and museums) of the representatives of these dynasties, related in genetic kinship, and the creation of a portrait gallery of dynasties of suzerains of Rus Ruriks, suzerains of Hungary - Arpads and the suzerains of Poland from the Piast dynasty. (Forming a database) (1997-1999);

3) "Knights of the Middle Ages" - portraits of the knights of the Middle Ages based on skulls, which have been preserved in the collections of museums such as the skull of F.Herburt - Polish knight of the XVI century from the collection of Lviv Art Gallery. (1999-2001). The latest project has been particularly promising, because it was giving the possibility to use while forming the exposition the information of museologists  - portraits , sculptures , including portraits of the descendants of old families, as well as data of heraldry, genealogy, personal items, weapons, models and images of family castles. It is this project that was proposed by the author in France to the leaders of "Center for Medieval Studies" in Troyes. In response, the French side has put forward a counter- project – work on the portraits of historical figures, based on the skulls, which have been preserved in France.  


Implemented projects:

Working by M.M. Gerasimov-G.V.Lebedinskaya's method from 1992 to 2009, S.A. Gorbenko created 20 reconstructions, 15 of them are sculptural. There were made cast-copies of the unique skulls of historical persons: St. Bernard de Clairvaux, King Louis XI, Jean Bastard Count Dunois of Orleans, as well as other well-known historical persons. There were performed complex restorations of 5 skulls (prince Jaroslav Osmomysl, the person of funnel-shaped cups culture, II millennium BC, "Ancient inhabitant of Kievan Rus  from the territory of the modern city of Poltava", the skull of St. Bernard, King Louis XI, the skull of Galician princess).

There were published 35 academic papers, including one monograph.



Reports presented at scientific conferences:


1. Ternopil, 1996: I International Congress on Integrative Anthropology, 25-29 September 1995.

2. Vinnitsa , 1997 : International Symposium on Integrative Anthropology, 5-9 May 1997.

3. Halych, 1998 : International Jubilee Scientific Conference devoted to 1100th  anniversary of Galich "Galich and Galician land in the state building processes of Ukraine ", Ivano - Frankivsk- Galich, 18-20 September 1998.

4. Lviv, 1998: " International Scientific Conference" The last 10 years of art researches of monuments of Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania "- Lviv , 1998."

5. Troyes, 2000. “5e Mois Médiéval – L’Hydraulique cistercienne, -  The true face of Bernard Clairvaux".

6. Lviv , 2003. "History of Religions in Ukraine": XIII International Scientific Conference (Lviv, 20-22 May 2003).


The held expositions of works – of plastic anthropological reconstruction: 


In 1998 during the Galich International Conference dedicated to 1100th anniversary of Galich the for guests of the conference were exhibited S.A.Gorbenko's works - anthropological reconstructions, including a portrait of Galician Prince Jaroslav Osmomysl (+1187).

In 2000, there were conducted two more expositions of S.A.Gorbenko's works in February 2000 in Lviv, and in May- June in Troyes (Aube, Champagne-Ardenne, France).



There were made cast-copies